onlyIfTest() modifier

Reverts if not running in test mode.

constructor(address _financialProductLibraryAddress, uint256 _expirationTimestamp, struct FixedPoint.Unsigned _collateralRequirement, bytes32 _priceIdentifier, address _timerAddress) public

transformPrice(struct FixedPoint.Unsigned price, uint256 requestTime) → struct FixedPoint.Unsigned public

transformCollateralRequirement(struct FixedPoint.Unsigned price) → struct FixedPoint.Unsigned public

transformPriceIdentifier(uint256 requestTime) → bytes32 public

setCurrentTime(uint256 time) external

Sets the current time.

Will revert if not running in test mode.


  • time: timestamp to set current Testable time to.

getCurrentTime() → uint256 public

Gets the current time. Will return the last time set in setCurrentTime if running in test mode. Otherwise, it will return the block timestamp.

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