Interface to be used with handlers that support ERC20s and ERC721s. @author ChainSafe Systems.

setResource(bytes32 resourceID, address contractAddress) external

Correlates {resourceID} with {contractAddress}. @param resourceID ResourceID to be used when making deposits. @param contractAddress Address of contract to be called when a deposit is made and a deposited is executed.

setBurnable(address contractAddress) external

Marks {contractAddress} as mintable/burnable. @param contractAddress Address of contract to be used when making or executing deposits.

withdraw(address tokenAddress, address recipient, uint256 amountOrTokenID) external

Used to manually release funds from ERC safes. @param tokenAddress Address of token contract to release. @param recipient Address to release tokens to. @param amountOrTokenID Either the amount of ERC20 tokens or the ERC721 token ID to release.

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