Factory for creating new mintable and burnable tokens.


nonReentrant() modifier

Prevents a contract from calling itself, directly or indirectly. Calling a nonReentrant function from another nonReentrant function is not supported. It is possible to prevent this from happening by making the nonReentrant function external, and make it call a private function that does the actual work.

nonReentrantView() modifier

Designed to prevent a view-only method from being re-entered during a call to a nonReentrant() state-changing method.

createToken(string tokenName, string tokenSymbol, uint8 tokenDecimals) → contract ExpandedIERC20 newToken external

Create a new token and return it to the caller.

The caller will become the only minter and burner and the new owner capable of assigning the roles.


  • tokenName: used to describe the new token.

  • tokenSymbol: short ticker abbreviation of the name. Ideally < 5 chars.

  • tokenDecimals: used to define the precision used in the token’s numerical representation.

constructor() internal

_preEntranceCheck() internal

_preEntranceSet() internal

_postEntranceReset() internal

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